Call for Work: “Autonomy, Groupthink, and the Power of the Deep State”

Extended Deadline: September 30, 2017

Artists, creatives and thinkers are invited to submit work in any medium, including video, performance, urban intervention, sound, critical writing, new media and online projects, and even unrealized works, to be considered for inclusion in Autonomous Agency’s first online publication. Please send work that relates to the theme below.


The “Deep State” in politics is a state within a state of unelected officials and special interest lobbyists working alongside security officials that influence policies in the government. This call will take into consideration work that takes a critical look at the function of the deep state, government propaganda, or manipulative, polarizing and fear-based party politics.

Works that consider intersectionality and bring awareness to socially constructed hierarchies and the interconnectedness of various expressions of oppression and bigotry, such as racism, classism, sexism, ableism, ageism, homophobia, and even speciesism, are especially welcome.

Groupthink empowers the Deep State, and autonomous agents create possibilities  ~


Extended Deadline: September 30, 2017
Selections announced on this website: Dec. 2017*
Publication date: January 2018*

*(subject to change)

– The total size of any single email must not exceed 2MB. For larger files send us links where we could preview without having to download them.

IMPORTANT: In 300 words or less please tell us how your work relates to the “theme” of this call as described above.

– Include abstract or 300 word work statement, and 300 word bio.

Two submissions maximum per artist. Send us work that you think is most relevant to this call.

– Artists take full responsibility for copyright clearance and ownership of the submitted work.

– In December 2017* we will post names of the selected artists on this website. Please check back here and do not email us to inquire about the results.

– Artists whose works are chosen will receive further information and agreement forms to be included in the project.

– Email your submissions to info[@]   (remove the brackets!)

Thank you!!

*(subject to change)